Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness

      The safety of our community is important to everyone. However, it can be hard to create an action plan for a worse-case scenario when living in the city and sometimes being consumed by the fast pace of our life. But creating an emergency plan is an important responsibility that can make the difference under unforeseen circumstances. Below, we have listed the "5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness" as outlined by the City of Los Angeles Emergency Planning Department. Note, there are additional guides for every steps. Please be sure to visit the links below this article to view full information and guides for creating an emergency plan.
Stay safe, everyone!
Step 1:
Identify a manageable area, your apartment building, one city block, a few small surrounding streets, etc., that you can organize with relative ease.
Step 2: 
Develop a team of leaders who can help build the plan and carry out emergency support activities when the time comes.

Step 3: 
Get to know the lay of the land: what resources you have, what the landscape is, and disasters or other emergencies common to your area.
Step 4:
Find out who lives in your area, how they can help in a disaster, and who may need extra help.

Step 5:
Create a plan that outlines what your neighborhood will do before, during, and after a disaster!


Links and source:
Be sure to visit the official "5 Steps" website for latest news, shakeout drill gallery and full information about the City of Los Angeles Emergency Planning Department's "5 Steps to Neighborhood Preparedness" program.

5 Steps home page and info video:

5 Steps and additional information for planning through each step:

Planning guides, plan templates, digital tool kit and more:
(Training video, Toolkit, 5 Steps Guide, Plan template, etc.)


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Strengthening bonds of Sisterhood...

Today’s modern society tends to portray girls, womben and the relationship among each other as conflicted, conniving, and often selfish. Today’s entertainment and media promote shows like "Barbie, Life in the Dreamhouse" which depict the interaction between Barbie, her friends and sisters as a circle of drama and competition. These examples of toxic interaction among young womben disguised as comedy create a deep impact in the mind of young audiences and can even damage a girl’s self-confidence and cultural and social interaction. Our ancient ways however, teach us about each person’s special spirit and individuality. In the life of womben, a strong bond of sisterhood and respect is part of everyday life, creating a healthy environment for social and spiritual development in which each man and womban achieves their full potential. Let’s not forget to teach our children real human values and the love for themselves, their environment and humanity itself. Through this path we have a better chance of ensuring the continuation of human life on Earth.
Love, Knowledge and Light. To all my Relations.

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