Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Birth Story

My birth story although it is my second birth it is a rebirth to motherhood and a very different experience from my first which was a hospital birth. It begins on Jan 10 about 10 pm.  I had small contractions I was so excited I couldn’t get much sleep but knew that I needed to so I rested a bit. 

Jan 11, I woke up early and at 7am began losing my mucus plug.  YEAH my baby is almost here! I called my doula Maria Teresa and texted a few sisters from Ticicalli Yahualli. Slowly my contractions became more frequent and I began freaking out because I didn’t have much food and my partner Alex was at work.  I called him frantically saying, he needed to get all I needed so I wouldn’t be worried during the birth.  He came as fast as he could.  He and our friend Reyna left to buy all that was on my list while my older daughter Echeri and I stayed home waiting.....and waiting. They were taking too long and I began to worry.

I thought; “What if they got in a car accident?  or "What if they are in jail?"  (don’t ask) "No they are ok they will be here soon," and "Don’t worry”  But I worried and my contractions that were once flowing forward just stopped.

Jan 12, I organized my room and tried to take my mind off the fact that my contractions had stopped.  My daughter and I went for a walk to visit Reyna.  We had a pleasant day outdoors a typical warm winter day in Southern Cali.  The sun kissed my belly and the cool wind caressed it. My partner came home early I took a long bath and watched the full moon.

Friday the 13th 12am my contractions resumed after they had stopped a full day.  I couldn’t sleep again but took good naps yesterday so I wasn’t tired.  Everyone was sleeping and it was cold.  I watched my partner and Echeri  cuddling each other, I couldn’t wait for the morning sun and to finally meet my new baby. 

3am my water began to trickle down.  I wrote words of affirmation in my womb journal:
“This crazy child of mine will probably be born today defying the world bad luck my ass Friday the 13th is good luck lucky 13.  I trust my body, my baby and the universe”
As soon as my partner woke up I told him, “Please get rid of Echeri I’m in labor and she’s too much right now”  He took her to Reyna’s house, we wanted Echeri to see the birth of her sibling but she is very sensitive so we could not have her with me the whole time.  My doula and Ticicalli Yahualli sister Maria Teresa arrived early and began making me food and teas... Yummy laboring moms need nourishment for energy! My partner and I stayed in our dark warm room we had candles and copal burning and music playing.  We danced, massaged, prayed, and talked to my new seed; and I sang a few rancheras... Pedro Infante is a must at my birth.

More helped arrived Panquetzani and Itzix came and gave us new energy more food and encouraging words.  I was really happy to be in such calm and positive energy.  Two amazing sisters so different but incredible in their own way.  Maria calm and quiet just her smile, touch or when she danced with me, gave me strength.  Panquetzani reminded Alex my partner to give me water, massage me and love me.  She also gave me words of encouragement at times when I felt it was too much and her soft voice singing rancheras made me I wasn’t alone in this battle I was with my sisters and all my relations they gave me strength. I thought this time would be easier and sooner but it felt like it took forever having one day stalled.  It wasn’t easier! The pain was different but it still hurt...My sacred ceremony, my battle, my sacrifice...It’s what I give to my children to give them life. The pain is ok, I could take it and I am not alone.. 

My partner kept suggesting I sleep poor thing he was tired but I kept saying I couldn’t...until someone else suggested it of course.  My sisters put me on my side and encouraged me to try to sleep between contractions.  I did and a few minutes after I felt a thump in my vagina, I got up quick and ran to the foot of the bed.  I felt the contractions hug my baby hug every piece of  feet , was both amazing and overwhelming.  I was freaking out and started to panic I had never felt this before my womb hugging my semilla’s womb guiding me telling me where the baby was what my baby was! I kept yelling “The baby’s coming! The baby’s coming!”  In that moment of panic Panquetzani said “It’s ok your body will know what to do.” I closed my eyes and I felt the baby swim down and slipped into her father’s hands...then I guess she slipped out because I heard a cry and dad was panicking that he dropped the that’s the last time I trust him to catch a baby....but no harm done baby was fine. She was tiny but looked exactly like her big sis mini version.
Then we all sang lullabies and songs to welcome you into the world. We called Reyna and Sammy to bring Echeri.  She came when her sister was still attached, she was overwhelmed and started to cry but then when I birthed the placenta she was painting with the blood laughing enjoying her new sister and the loving company around us.We had a Birthday party with art, music, food and sisterhood.

 Happy Birthday my little warrior Meztli Xeni Kali sleep tight with the full moon shining on you!