Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Urban Story telling with StoryCorps

Maria: Student Midwife

Martha and I  had the opportunity to share our stories as members of  Ticicalli and the work we continue to do in the community. Ticicalli  has been weaving together for the past 6 years promoting indigenous birthing rites, providing community doula services & inter-generational healing.


We first created sacred space, making an altar and asking permission to our ancestors. We gave thanks to ometeotl and the spirits guiding us.

We talked about:  
- the importance of cultural revitalization and preservation
- Homebirth
- Home funerals
-Rites of passage
-Womb-tomb doulas
- Providing culturally relevant support 
-Abuelita medicine
 - In xochitl In cuicatl

We concluded with sharing how  providing culturally relevant support during sacred transitions such as birth and death is preventative care. It creates a space for the healing of trans-generational trauma and isolation. How honoring our traditions provides an opportunity for the awakening of our genetic memory, to also being present in our bodies and the continued resistance to colonization!

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