Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Cleaning and Blooming from the Inside Out

We have endured Winter and change, Spring is finally here.  I invite you to bloom yourself into Spring by Cleaning what is not useful for you.  Embrace yourself in this difficult but wonderful transformation.

Spring is perfect time to initiate cleansing since nature is itself cleansing with precious water from the sky renewing the earth.  Nature's own cleansing ritual invites us to follow its path and do our own.

In order to fully embrace this cleansing season I invite you to do it fully from the inside out including Home, Body, and Spirit.

I will share some cleansing rituals I am doing this Spring to inspire your own.  Remember that all 3 Home, Body, and Spirit are connected and a reflection of each other, we should work on all 3 in order to fully bloom this Spring. Clutter keeps us stagnant and does not allow transformation to evolve.  Let go, surrender, and embrace change.  It may be scary at first but once you reach Spring you will not regret the beauty it has created.

Home Cleaning
At home we tend to accumulate things sometimes we do not even buy but keep them for sentimental reasons and soon we are left with clutter that takes over our lives.  Cleaning on a daily basis when we have many things in our homes takes precious time from more important things such as family, friends, community, and enjoying nature.

How to do this.  Try one room or one drawer at a time.  Play loud music, burn sage, and let the cleaning begin begin.

When you pick up an item ask yourself when was the time you used or appreciated this item.  If you keep something for sentimental reasons ask how much space this is taking from your home or your life and whether there are other ways you may allow yourself to appreciate the sentiment it gives you without having to hold on to an item.

For children remind them that having a lot of toys and items is not necessary but once you practice what you preach they follow without much protest. Every time my daughters have a birthday party or receive gifts in any occasion I help them remove toys and clothing reminding them we need to let go of some things so we make room for new ones. First remove any broken toys you cannot repair or games that are missing too many items. Then remove any double toys you may have.  Finally ask your children: "do you still want this toy, book, or clothing?" and "do you actually play with this toy, read this book, or use this item of clothing?".  For clothing for yourself and your children you have to also ask "does it still fit?" (and be honest).

Clean with environmentally safe cleaners or make your own.  Goggle some natural recipes most require ordinary household items you may have such as water, baking soda, castile soap, vinegar, and lemon juice.  To add scent and to help kill bacteria and fungus I also use essentials oils my favorite are tea tree, lavender, and thieves.

It is important when we clean our homes to also do not add toxins to our earth.  Please use earth friendly cleaning products.

Not really home but technology clearing is also good.  Delete texts, voicemails, email messages, and even "friends".  Too much of anything may be distracting and clutters your focus.  Ask yourself "Is this really necessary for me to have filed?" "Are these really my friends or Are there other ways I may connect with these people?"

Just as our home we also accumulate clutter in our bodies that build up and manifests in illnesses.  Many of us in our busy lives stop making time to cook healthy food then we do not allow our body's natural process of cleansing itself, that is why I think a detox is necessary. For me a detox during cleansing season creates an opportunity to create healthy habits for a more permanent life style change in my diet.

I am a mother of two vivacious daughters and work full time at a non-profit with mothers in need.  I have two very demanding tasks and need to eat well to keep up my energy up so I do not believe it is realistic for me to do juicing cleanses.  What I have done and has worked well for me is 12 day Wild Rose Herbal Detox it has vegan capsules and herbal extract.  This detox helps eliminate waste from liver, colon, kidneys, and lymphatic system. Please read instructions or consult with physician to see if this detox may work for you.  With the herbal detox I am able to eat well with minimal side effects.  Each body is different I usually get headaches and have bad body odor, but other than that I am good and can function both at home and work.

Other ways to detox body I initiate the ritual of castor oil packs where you may detox your organs without any side effects at all. Steam is also important, my favorite is in ceremony with prayers and healing herbs but even just being in a steam room is great for eliminating toxins in our body. Vaginal steams also help cleanse our wombs and vaginal walls, you may include herbs such as mugworth, rosemary, basil, or lavender.

Clean out toxic hygine care items are purchase natural food based products or make your own.  Instead of lotion you may use coconut oil, cacao butter, shea butter, or hemp oil.  For deodorant use baking soda with coconut oil and drops of lavender oil.  You may also make shampoo with baking soda and mint, rosemary, lavender water.  Scrubs are also easily made with sugar, coconut oil, and drops of lavender oil.  I make my own toothpaste using baking soda, calcium powder, coconut oil, cinnamon, and thieves essential oil.

Our body is important it is the house of our spirit.

Our spirit is very important since it transcends throughout the cosmos but we neglect the most.  We material beings but also cosmic beings and may feed our bodies but often forget to feed our spirits with healthy energies that allow us to transcend into our higher selves.  Our spirit that is often either poorly feed or feed only junk is full of clutter that we need to detox from.

Purge out negative energies from your life including toxic people and thoughts.  Remember you are worth it and have the right to not only exist but also to be happy.

 For those of us that follow the red road we know that this journey we call life is the ultimate ceremony our beautiful struggle and with support it truly is beautiful.  With that said, surround yourself with people that love you as you are, know your worth,and also lovingly you call you out when it needs to be done.  These type of friends allow you to grow.  Community support is essential for survival in this society, find your village.

Forgive yourself do not get stuck on shame, blame, and guilt.  Our family motto is "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy." from Ms Frizzle in The Magic School Bus, indeed that is what life is about learning from being able to take chances and making mistakes and this may get messy so we just have to clean it up and grow from this.

Forgive others remember we are all mirrors of each other, nobody is born evil, monsters do not exist, and we never know everybody's full story.  I believe we are all doing the best we can.

Do not judge just let feelings, and thoughts come without too much judgement just let it sit there accept them, enjoy them and know that they will pass.  We are constantly changing and shifting nothing is permanent so we need to let go of control.

Acknowledge that death is a part of life and live every day as if it were your last.  Say I love you often and mean it.

Smudge, Pray, Be Thankful, Be in Ceremony, and do what feels good to FEED YOUR SPIRIT.

Full Bloom
When we let go of things we also move energy and allow other items, people, creations, etc. to evolve.  Clear the way and make space in our homes and our lives.

Spring cleaning is about removing all the clutter that distracts us and clouds us to bloom to our full potential.  This also includes the clutter in our body and spirit not just our homes.


***I apologize for not including full recipes, will try to include them in another post*** thank you