Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet Panquetzani

Panquetzani in 2007, when her journey to conscious childbirth began.

Breastfeeding and baby-wearing are two of Panquetzani's passions.
Panquetzani is a doula, student midwife, musician, writer, mother, and owner of Laguneros Internet Cafe.  She is certified in neonatal resuscitation, and advocates for natural parenting and mothering from a Native perspective.  She is currently writing Channel to Tlalticpac: Indigenous Feminine Writings, a book scheduled for release in June 2012. She believes women have the human right to choose how they birth- despite socio-economic, or political status.  Panquetzani encourages families to advocate for themselves, and encourages them to make conscious decisions in the childbearing year.  To learn more about Panquetzani, visit Indigenous Mother.

Panquetzani assisting a birth in 2009.