Monday, March 23, 2015

Honoring Our Sacred Journey to Mictlan

After working as a birth doula for 5 years, I am now able to provide support in another great transition the beginning and the end in this earth.  I am a Certified Death Doula and and am currently receiving education to become Certified Death Midwife. My experience with the birth of my daughters & death of my Grandmother has allowed me to see the beauty in the sacred transitions from womb to tomb. Both are scary since you dive into the unknown but also beautiful and sacred.  The spirits coming and going...the cycle of life...our spirit's rebirth...lifecarriesdeathcarrieslife and on and on and on. Never ending spirals.

I am excited to be on this journey and be able to provide to my community an affordable and dignified way to die in this world and honor the spirit that is reborn in Mictlan while providing a celebration of life to those left living here on earth. I believe we should have choices and sacredness in birth and death it should NOT be so expensive, it should Not be so destructive to the earth, and it should NOT feel so detached and in the hands of "professionals." Let us take it back and make it sacred again!!  Death is a sacred part of life it should be honored not feared.

As a Death Midwife I would like to: honor the transition into the spirit world; minimize fear for the person transitioning & family members and provide affordable & Eco-friendly burial options. I am doing this not only for myself but for you, my community....for all of you that are seeking for sacredness and support in these often challenging transitions.  Please ask me questions, start a dialogue about death with family and friends, think about how you would like your life celebrated, live as if it were your last day on earth, and feed your spirit every breath you take.

Stay tuned more death talk and workshops coming up.

My death poem:
We are spirals of love
Spirits coming and going
No beginning nor end