Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Benefits of Natural Childbirth

No bodily harm, or unnecessary interventions during birth
*Shorter labor with less need for interventions (internal fetal monitor, continuous monitoring, IV, catheter, etc.,)

Feeling your body's reflexes during natural childbirth results in more effective and faster pushing. Studies show that getting an epidural prolongs pushing time.

The epidural slows down labor, which means you are more likely to be given a pitocin drip (uterine stimulant) to speed up contractions. These contractions are so strong and close together that you have little time to recover between them, allowing less oxygen to reach the fetus. This could damage your baby’s brain cells and possibly lead to neurological problems.

Epidurals increase the chance of fever, which increases the likelihood antibiotics will be prescribed.

*Lower Cesarean rate

* Baby can latch on better and more quickly for breastfeeding moms

Research shows babies are more alert and more quickly engage in pre-breastfeeding behaviors (sucking, rooting, massaging mother's breasts) and nurse longer within the first 90 minutes.

*When your baby arrives undrugged she is much more active, alert, coordinated and reactive to her environment. Drugged babies can hardly move.

*Quicker, easier recovery for mother and baby. Less tearing of the perineum. No risk of prolonged pain from botched epidural or Cesarean wound.

Usually, your appetite is normal and you eat right away.

* Mother is in control of her body and can use instinct to birth the baby. Labor pains instruct the mother to seek ideal positions for relieving pain and facilitate rotation and descent of the baby’s head.

Unmedicated women may move freely, use the bathroom and shower, walk, and change positions throughout labor.

According to the Cochrane Review, studies show that getting medication makes changing positions difficult even after birth.

*Better for your baby 

Endorphins secreted during natural childbirth have been found in the placenta and umbilical cord. This may help the baby’s transition from the womb and make the birth experience more comfortable for your baby.

*No risk of long-term negative developmental or behavioral effects on the baby.
No risk of long term effects of drugs on the baby’s development or behavior such as ADHD or autism, or other learning disabilities.

*No risk of permanently damaging your child’s brain with toxic drugs.

*Less chance of damage to baby’s brain due to drugs or misused forceps or vacuum

*Less chance of bodily harm to baby from vacuum extraction

*Baby is less fussy.
Natural birth facilitates bonding

*Shorter hospital stay

*You can bond more easily with your baby  

 *It is safe.

*You are practicing a sacred rite of passage, you will feel empowered and strong!

*You will be able to hold your baby immediately after birth.

*It’s more affordable!

Birth is a sacred ceremony, a trance that brings life into the tangible world. 
Compiled by Ticicalli Yahualli Ticicalli20@gmail.com