Monday, February 6, 2012

¿Quieres Chichi?

20 Unconventional Uses for Breast Milk

We all know breast is best, but besides being nature's superfood, breastmilk has antibodies, anti-adhesion factors, anti-inflamatory agents, immunomodulators and bioactive compounds that can be used by the whole family!  
 Here are a few ways to use breast milk to heal and relieve common discomforts.

1. Stuffy nose- Thin mucous with a few drops. Let breastmilk sit in the nasal passage for 10 minutes, then blow nose or suck out the thin mucous. Easier done lying down or while asleep (with babies).

2. Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)- Express a few drops at least three times a day, for a couple of days. Breastmilk should clear the infection and lessen pain. May also be used as a natural eyedrop for puffiness, redness, or for plugged tear ducts.

Breastmilk in the eye is painless and effective.

3. Acne- Helps cure pimples. Cleanse skin, pat dry, apply breastmilk and air dry.

4. Chapped Lips/Cold Sores- Allow a layer of breastmilk to air dry on lips. Apply as often as needed.

5. Dry Skin/Eczema- Apply to clean skin and air dry. Works instantly. Great for sensitive skin.

6. Personal Lubriccant- Use as you would use any personal lubricant.

7. Sore/Cracked Nipples- Great for Moms, especially when first establishing breastfeeding (use colostrum). Apply, allow to air dry.

8. Ear Infection- Express a few drops down the ear canal. Helps Alleviate pain and works the same as prescription antibiotic topical drops do to combat infection.

9. Immune Booster- Serve a glass when your older childs' immune system is compromised.

10. Soap- Make Breastmilk soap as you would make any milk-based soap.

11. Rinse for Wounds- For small cuts, burns, blisters, gouges and scrapes, express breast-milk to accelerate healing and clear infection. Perfect for camping or hiking, when you need to rinse off a scrape.

12. Insect Bites- Squirt and rub in to stop itching and heal skin.

13. Leg Ulcers- Apply a few drops of breast milk (always sterile when expressed directly).

14. Chicken Pox- Use the same way you would use calamine lotion or any other ointment to help ease the pain.

15. Sore Throat- In babies, breastfeed, Adults: gargle/drink breast milk. Also useful for canker sores (swish around in mouth).

16. Facial Cleanser/Eye Makeup Remover- Apply on face and wipe off. Use as you would use any eye makeup remover.

17. Warts- Dab on with a q-tip or tissue paper. Air dry.

18. Contact Lens Cleaner- Use as you would any solution. Great for emergencies.

19. Sunburn- Use to freshen and heal skin. Apply to clean skin and air dry.

20. Hair gel- Squirt a bit into your hand, rub and apply to keep down fly-aways to make hair shiny and smooth without harsh chemicals or stiffness.

Disclaimer: Although Breast milk is sterile and provides immunity from common infectious illnesses, some infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis) may be passed through the use of breast milk.  For informational use only.