Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet Martha

I am Martha Escudero a mother, Certified Mental Health Rehabilitation worker MHA, Certified Lactation Educator/Counselor UCSD, Certified Death Doula The Twilight Brigade, and a LDIRs in health graduate. DONA trained as a birth doula, and ICEA trained as Childbirth Educator.  With  BS in Gender, Ethnicity and Multicultural Studies from Cal Poly Pomona. I have volunteered in food justice, mental health, women’s reproductive health, and prisoner advocacy work. .

I am guided by my community to support families during our sacred transitions in our life here on earth.  Believing there is almost no support in our current society during these precious times I joined Ticicalli Yahualli in 2009 in order to help build our own community support system.  Since then I have honored women, children, and families creating ceremony in mother blessings, birth, postpartum care, welcoming baby celebrations, and first moon celebrations.  Now I am open to create sacred space to conscious dying and life celebrations.  

I am passionate about being able to honor life's transitions and believe we all deserve to birth, live, and  die with dignity and respect.

You may see me around town usually with my partner and daughters at marches, in ceremonies, or hiking in the mountains.